Rolling Stones Doom and Gloom

It was a great honour working on lyric video for the legendary Rolling Stones.  It was intense five days, early mornings and late nights, but extremely fun. Since the video was launched it’s had over 8 million clicks on youtube.

As an illustrator getting this amount of exposure in absolutely amazing!!

And the song is brilliant by the way…

You can watch the video here 

or here

Here are some of the characters I designed for Madness projections for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I just feel sorry that “English Breakfast” didn’t make it  in the final cut.

The ‘Our House’ projection, directed by Trunk’s Animation Rok Predin and Layla Atkinson, showed Buckingham Palace falling to the floor as though on a stage curtain, revealing rows of terrace houses and council flats which opened up like dolls houses to reveal big jubilee parties inside. Layla created the architecture for the collaged streets which were taken from a multitude of different locations to build the terraces, whilst I worked alongside designing characters. Rok Predin built all the 3D rooms and projected Layla’s terraces onto geometry before creating the dropping motion in C4D. Rok then went on to composite everything together adding detailed effects and grading the overall piece.

Hoping for more projects like this in the future,

have a great day


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